Gala dinner

Join us to BLACK & WHITE Gala dinner on October 26th in the company of world experts in the field of rhinoplasty and AASURGERY team. We will wait for guests at the Palace of the President of the Academy of arts - Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich, son of Emperor Alexander II.

High state position of Vladimir Alexandrovich, caused a special level of Grand balls and receptions, which were held in the Palace.
It was a bright center of social life of St. Petersburg from the 70s of the XIX century until the revolution of 1917, where the public opinion of that time was formed, eminent politicians, diplomats, scientists and cultural figures gathered.

We won't change the traditions of St. Petersburg and will spend the evening in the enchanting historic interiors!

Dress code: Black and White

Transfer will be provided from the hotel Corinthia, Nevsky Prospect, 57.

Historical building in eclectic style, built in 1867–1872. In January 31st, 1920 at the initiative of Maksim Gorky here was opened the first house of scientists in the country. The Palace resembles a Florentine Palazzo, especially with its Venetian Windows. The pavement in front of the Palace is paved with gray granite, the entrance group, extended to the entire width of the street, is decorated with generic coats of arms, griffins and cast-iron lanterns. The whole side of the building, facing to Neva river, is made in an emphatically strict and majestic manner.


before July 1: 8 000 rubles.
From July 2 to September 1, 2019: 10 000 rubles.
From September 2 to October 1: 12 000 rubles.
After October 1, 2019 (subject to availability): 15 000 rubles.

Contact for booking:

Viktoriia Rudevich